Getting started

Where can I get VR viewer?

VR viewers are widely available. You can also buy them through our website.

ATTENTION: Before purchasing your VR viewer, first check in the app store whether your smartphone is compatible with ZeroPhobia.

  1. I POP! Cardboard 3.0
  2. VR Box

How much time does it cost?

This differs for everyone. To get rid of your fear, it is essential to practice facing your fear in VR and in real life. The more and more often you have the chance to practice, the quicker your progress. You should start noticing an effect soon, within days.

Which smartphones can be used?

iPhone 5 and higher and Android v.5.1 Lollipop or higher equipped with a gyroscope. Make sure the screen size of your VR viewer is compatible with the screen size of your smartphone.

Practicing in VR

The cross to exit in the Virtual Reality environment is not working

That’s right. To go back to the modules or level selection screen from VR, look for the “Exit Level” or “Exit VR.” button.

The image of the virtual reality environment involuntarily shifts slowly to the left or right

This is called “image drift.” There are 3 solutions to this:
1. Put your phone down with the screen facing down and wait 20-30 seconds. After that, the drift is gone.
2. Type into your “call number screen”: *#0*# . Go to ‘sensor’ then to ‘ gyro self test’. Then open ZeroPhobia again. See also: https://
3. If you close and restart the app, this problem will probably be fixed as well. For android, see: Android 2. See for iPhone: Restart ZeroPhobia by clicking on the ZeroPhobia app. When you go back to VR, the problem should be fixed. In some cases, this procedure may need to be repeated several times.

The virtual reality environment/app crashes

When you close and restart the app, this problem will probably be fixed. See for android: Android. For iPhone, see: Restart ZeroPhobia. When you go back to VR, the problem should be fixed. In the unlikely event that it is not fixed, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.

What can I do about the nausea while practicing in the VR environment?

  • Drinking coke beforehand
  • Take a break in between and drink a sip of water
  • Practice more. It seems that the more often you practice, the less nausea you will experience.
  • Keep your eyes focused on one point while turning your head or body

The VR environment suddenly gets darker

This is because the brightness of the device is set to “automatic”. If there has been no activity for a long time (clicking on the screen), such as during the VR exercises, the brightness goes down to save battery power. If your battery is almost empty this can also happen. Make sure your battery is charged enough and uncheck “automatic” brightness. For iPhone: Go to settings → Display and brightness → Automatic (off) For Android: Go to settings → Brightness → Brightness automatic (off). Depending on your device, this will look a little different.

How do I move around in the app?

In the VR environment, you don’t have to walk to an object yourself. ZeroPhobia uses ‘gaze control’, which means you only need to look at an object to move around.


How effective is the treatment?

Making individual predictions is difficult. But you can take a screener test to see how much people with similar fear levels as you benefitted from following ZeroPhobia. What’s certain is that the more you practice, the higher the benefit you will get from ZeroPhobia.

Can I reach out to a therapist?

You can. ZeroPhobia can be used as a complementary tool as well. ZeroPhobia is not intended to replace any kind of therapy.

Can I reach out to others online?

We hope to make an online community service available soon.


How long will the treatment be effective?

This differs for everyone. Your fear can dissappear altogether, but it can also return at some point. ZeroPhobia offers helpful guidance on how to reduce this risk. In case your fear returns, you can simply go back to ZeroPhobia and go through the program again.


Where can I buy the app?

You can buy the app in the App store or Google Playstore.

What is the price of treatment?

To celebrate the publication in the leading Jama Psychiatry’s platform proving the effectiveness of ZeroPhobia, we’ll give you a 50% time only discount. You receive the entire treatment on your smartphone now for only $14,99

Can I pay without a creditcard?

The app can be purchased in the Appstore or Playstore. You can choose your way of paying in these stores.