Suffering from fear of heights can interfere with your work, prevent you from going to your favorite holiday destinations, or make you avoid visiting friends and relatives. Places where you can be confronted with your fear, such as balconies, elevators, high buildings, and bridges are an ordeal, and often avoided. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many people suffer from fear of heights.

If fear of heights is left untreated it can become worse and even chronic. For many people getting regular treatment is difficult due to its high costs or time constraints. For this reason we have developed ZeroPhobia – Fear of Heights. ZeroPhobia allows you to get rid of your fear in your own time, without having to leave your house, and for a fraction of the cost of regular treatment


ZeroPhobia is developed by researchers and therapists. The effectiveness of ZeroPhobia was recently tested by a team of researchers from VU University in a large-scale randomized controlled trial . The results of the trial show that ZeroPhobia is effective in reducing fear of heights.

ZeroPhobia can also be integrated in regular therapy. More information and a manual for practitioners can be found here.

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Premium healthcare at a fraction of the cost

Getting treated for your fear of heights can be very expensive. A single session with a licensed therapist is often more than $100, and you will probably need several sessions to make progress.

New Year’s resolution offer

To help you with your New Year’s resolutions, we are currently offering ZeroPhobia at a reduced rate.  You get the entire treatment on your smartphone for only $9,99, or the price of a two lattes at Starbucks.