Fear of flying is very common. Many people experience fear during a flight and often their anxiety starts long before boarding the airplane, sometimes days or even weeks in advance. Estimates of the percentage of people who suffer from fear of flying vary between 10% and 25%. Some estimates even go as high as 40%. Flying anxiety may be so intense that people avoid flying altogether. In other cases, people can get themselves to board an airplane but each flight is an ordeal and a very stressful experience for them. ZeroPhobia – Fear of Flying is a solution developed for everyone who suffers from flying anxiety to a smaller or larger degree.

It is an encompassing self-help treatment based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in combination with exposure in virtual reality. In six different modules you will learn about the possible causes of your fear, what makes it so persistent, and what you can do about it. You will learn and practice with different techniques to deal with your fear and how to reduce it. You will be educated in every aspect of flight safety and find out why flying is, in fact, the safest mode of transport in the world. A virtual therapist guides you through every step of the program. In virtual reality you will learn how to handle and reduce your fear during the different phases of your flight, from checking in to taking-off, during turbulence, and finally landing.

Collaboration with VALK Foundation

In collaboration with VALK Foundation (‘Stichting VALK’), we offer the possibility of following ZeroPhobia under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. This hybrid program involves the ZeroPhobia – Fear of Flying app in combination with several video conferencing calls with an experienced therapist from VALK Foundation. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of supervised therapy in conjunction with the evidence-based ZeroPhobia program to maximize your therapeutic results. And you can still follow this program from the comfort of your own home. Your progress will be monitored on the basis of scientifically validated instruments. This enables us to offer you a program fully tailored to your specific needs.

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Premium healthcare at a fraction of the cost

Getting treated for your fear of heights can be very expensive. A single session with a licensed therapist is often more than $100, and you will probably need several sessions to make progress.

New Year’s resolution offer

To help you with your New Year’s resolutions, we are currently offering ZeroPhobia at a reduced rate.  You get the entire treatment on your smartphone for only $9,99, or the price of a two lattes at Starbucks.